About Minarga

Born on the Gold Coast, Australia; Minarga is a street and outdoor apparel brand offering menswear, womenswear, and gender-neutral clothing that is reflective of the surf and urban culture that is widespread throughout coastal Australia. Minarga offers a unique style that incorporates the influence of art and music trends within the Australian community; subsequently resulting in a style Australians can both enjoy and identify with. Minarga is more than just a brand, it’s an expression, a lifestyle, a way of living. Our motto ‘living it up on the East Coast’ aspires to remind people of truly how great our country and it's people are. As the fashion industry evolves with big names and hype trends, Minarga aims to stand out from the clutter as an organic art form that tells the story of the people and nature of East Australia.

Support Your Locals

Here at Minarga we design and print locally on the Gold Coast using garments that are sourced from Australian based manufacturers. We put pride in our work, crafting clothing that is not only unique in style but is also of quality and comfort. We can’t offer the overly cheap prices that come with products that are made in bulk overseas by our competitors, but instead we offer clothing that is of value and will last. When you buy our clothing you're helping pay Australian wages and being part of a movement towards a more ethical and sustainable clothing industry.

Environmental Responsibility 

According to Science magazine approximately 8 million metric tonnes of plastic enter oceans each year damaging ecosystems and affecting our health, with traces of plastics found in the seafood we eat every day. Here at Minarga we hold responsibility for how our manufacturing and distributing services may place impact on the environment. To eliminate the use of plastics we package our apparel using bio-degradable alternatives such as kraft and tissue paper. Our apparel is stored safely away in dust and waterproof containers that are reused and recycled as stock comes and goes from our warehouse. We ask that you play your role in helping keep the environment safe and healthy by asking that you responsibly dispose of all packaging accordingly. Due to our products having to be shipped from us to you, packages are required to be placed in a shipping satchel while in transit. Please consider the environment when disposing packaging by placing the paper packing in your recycling bin, and the shipping satchel separately in with general waste. As a clothing brand we would like to offer our care and concern for the wellbeing of not only our customers, but the general environment.

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